Leasing Holiday Christmas Decorations with Majestic Christmas Company

The Advantage of Leasing Your Commercial Christmas Deorations

Budget Friendly

At Majestic Christmas Company, our Holiday Decorations Leasing/Rental program is tailored to suit any budget. Reach out to us, and we’ll demonstrate how we can customize and deliver a Christmas Decor package for your commercial display, all while accommodating your budget.


All installation, transport, wiring , storage and removal is included in any material leased.

Extensive Variety

From traditional to contemporary designs, our vast selection of decor styles means you can find the perfect match for your commercial space.  We can provide 6′ to 60′ Interior and Exterior Christmas Trees, lights, banners, 3d lighted sculptures and Holiday photo ops and much more that will bring people to your business.  Take a look at our catalog, everything is avaliable to lease for your commerical Christmas display. 

Repair and Refurbish

During the off season, the dedicated team at Majestic Christmas Company devotes their time to meticulously inspecting and refreshing every single one of our rental Christmas decorations. Our mission is to ensure that each light and decor piece meets our exceptionally high standards. Through careful painting, decorating, and refurbishment, we guarantee that your decorations will look as good as new each year. 

Hassle-Free Experience

Enjoy a seamless holiday season with our full-service leasing options we can fit into most any budget, including installation, maintenance, and post-season removal and storage.

Explore Our Festive Collection

Dazzling Commercial Holiday Decor & Lighting Leasing Program

Purchased Christmas Decor

Upfront cost is higher

Storage additional cost

Repairs additional cost

Decor change can be expensive

Decor insurance client is responsible



Rental Christmas Decor

Lower Upfront cost

Storage included in Rental Price

No charge for Repairs or Refurbish every year

Decor change is budget friendly

Insurance included in Rental Price